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What can I Expect?

IFWE Campus Programs take a variety of forms. However, each program brings together students and faculty to discuss the intersection of faith, work, and economics. You will read books, papers, and/or blogs that help you think through IFWE’s core ideas. Ask your professor about your program’s exact format.

IFWE Campus Programs are happening at colleges and universities across the country. Many campus programs are reading groups that meet weekly or bi-weekly. Other groups hold a one or two-day discussion day event. Both program formats provide the opportunity  for students and faculty to have academic and informal discussions about the ideas of faith, work, and economics. 

Some campus programs host an event in addition to their reading group. For example, at The King’s College, Professor Brian Brenberg hosted a movie event, and showed The Lego Movie. Before the movie started, Brian gave a lecture to help students understand the economic and entrepreneurial aspects of the movie. At Regent University, Dr. Brian Baugus and his students held a mock trial. The students split into prosecution and defense teams and put the free market on trial, using books and other readings as the foundation for their cases. If you are interested in helping your professor put on an event at your campus, let him or her know!


While each of our campus programs are unique, our goal is that all students will learn about IFWE’s core tenants—freedom, fulfillment, and flourishing. We want each of you to understand the Biblical basis of these concepts and their importance to your life and to society. 


There is a way that leads people, communities, and nations to flourish. That way is freedom. The freedom to be who God created you to be, and to pursue your calling to the best of your ability. The freedom to serve others by unleashing your creativity, skills, and talents.


Knowing your place in the world and within the body of Christ is the beginning of finding fulfillment in both your life and your work. It comes with knowing your abilities, having the opportunity to maximize them, and using them in service to others.


Flourishing is God’s design for his creation. It’s the way things are meant to be. It’s joy. It’s fullness of life. It’s wholeness and abundance. When we are flourishing, we are able to experience the richness of life regardless of our circumstances, and we are able to help others do the same.


Many of you will read one of these books this semester:

Check out additional resources from IFWE:

A three-part video series that sets the foundation for what you will learn this semester.

An assortment of research articles and white papers to dive deeper.



At IFWE, we strive to educate and inspire Christians to live out their faith in all areas of life. Your life is not separated into sacred and secular. Instead you can, and should, live out your faith in everything—schoolwork, extracurricular activities, jobs, and even social events. Our mission is to help you, and all Christians, understand what the Bible says about faith, work and economics. With this knowledge, we believe that Christians can bring about a society marked by freedom, fulfillment, and flourishing.